Quality and Service

We guarantee that the development is feasible and complies with the maximum service demands through service life tests, where after millions of cycles fatiguing the part it still keeps its original mechanical properties. We can test up to three part stresses in the same cycle in our test bench, tests of up to 15TN and 15Hz with the large cylinder and up to 5TN and 50Hz with the small cylinder. Another test we perform is a combination of axial torsion to be able to detect design improvements and therefore obtaining a better development of product.

Based on how critical the part is, we also control bonding, guaranteeing the correct execution of the productive processes. These controls are planned in our production process and they ensure a stable production and guarantee the product. These tests are carried out either by tearing rubber metal or by breaking rubber metal, applying an increasing axial force.

Quality of service is essential in our organization. With an adequate planning, our deliveries may be weekly, monthly… depending on our customers’ needs.

Thanks to our stock of finished products, and to our base of local suppliers, we can guarantee very competitive turnaround times from design and development to delivery of final product.