Production Resources

VULCANIZADOS ZULOAGA is equipped with an important set of presses of different capacities, allowing us a wide flexibility and capacity to manufacture from just one to million of pieces of the same references. The control of parameters is 100% supervised by automatisms and each references has its references set by machine, defined during the product industrialization phase.

A key application in elastic bonding to chassis frame is the stabilizer bars, engine torque control rods… this application is done in our welding section, where we join the elastic elements we manufacture to the welded item (silentblocks, bushings, ball joints…).

Our parts don’t show any traces of corrosion during their long life, thanks to the high levels of quality demanded by our customers

Thanks to the zinc treatment with different chromed and sealing coating we reach over 500 hours of corrosion resistance, working under standard EN12329.

Another protection we apply is phosphating and oiling, that depending on the use of the part afterwards it may be with zinc or manganese as per standard EN12476.

Last, we use the cataphoresis process in our welded products, either by resistance or by built up welding, and where we will install later a rubber metal part. This type of protection is done on a phosphating treatment, painted and oven dried, that offers a high resistance to corrosion.

Vulcanizados Zuloaga